1. Here’s a sneak peak at the first Instar Medicine Wheel Shamanic Breathwork 1-day class! April 27th, visit http://www.annacariadbarrett.com/CoursesEvents.en.html to learn more! Register now for the early bird discount.


  2. We had a wonderful time talking with Lea Chapin, host of Inspiration from Spirit! Check out this recent interview, as we explore in-depth what the Instar Medicine Wheel is teaching humanity at this time.


  4. Caterpillar moves through the density of the Earth Walk, embodying the Chrysalis Portal, dissolving within, and emerging as an entirely new being with wings that express the authenticity of the soul. Every part of this journey is sacred!


  5. Cyrus Webb, host of Conversations Live Radio has reviewed Sacred Medicine and given it 5 stars! Thank you for going on this Instar Journey with us, Cyrus!

  6. Check out this amazing piece by artist, Sheri Howe. Honeybee teaches about the sacred union between Human and Divine, Spirit and Matter, self and other, feminine and masculine, light and dark, diversity and unity. From this place comes ecstatic service, co-creation and harmonic community. How can you create sacred balance between all these aspects, resolving duality within the self and the world?

  7. We had such a fun time sharing Sacred Medicine and Spirit of the Wolf with our dear friends at Malaprop’s Bookstore in Asheville, NC!

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  8. Honoring the beauty of the land and cosmos! Check out this amazing time-lapse video of Yosemite Valley and the night sky.

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    Create a Garden That Works for You

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